PSDIME Implementation

We can provide this process as a service or the customer can do it by themselves. As an example: With continuous data collection (i.e. 12 months / year) and 4 quarterly reports,  the monthly fee is less than 100 €.

Design Research

Our valid license customers are eligible to use the PSDIME know how and to receive support to create brilliant PSDIME questions to every plausible situation. It is important to know the limitations and possibilities and to keep all work in high quality.

Collect Data

Most web based survey tools can be used for PSDIME data collection and they output data in format, that can be used in our analysis, some of them are more suitable than the others. Here are some examples of  survey tools, in alphabetical order: Fluidsurveys, Surveymonkey, Surveypal, Qualtrics and Questback. Typically these services are available by SaaS -model (Software as a Service) on either monthly or annual susbscription.

Analyze Data

We recommend certain tools that are easy and handy in operations and economical to use.

Generate Report Findings

We have ready made PSDIME analysis instructions and templates for our preferred analysis tools for those who wish to do everything in-house.

Choose Best Strategies and Act!

Once the analysis and reporting efforts are finished, it´s time to to choose what to do and bring that to everyday work within the organization. At this stage our PSDIME e-learning capabilities and the authorized PSDIME partners will guide you through and assist you to to receive the best results for the action level.