PSDIME benefits

Avoid your customer drop outs or alienation, by knowing how your customers are psychologically with you and your competitors. Move the demand closer to your company.

Customer experience measurement pays off.  The world´s leading Key Performance Indicator, PSDIME, deep dives into what really matters:  The   customer´s   mind.  With PSDIME you´ll get the keys to what is meaningful in the customer´s value system. Start knowing that and have a standard measure to be used for measuring competitors´ products, services and brands. Just by focusing in daily operations you save endless amounts of money, time and efforts. The benefits are evident – PSDIME is a player in reach of a positive bottom line.

  1. Know your real position in the marketplace far better than your competition does.
  2. Improve you marketing efficiency by rationalizing your emotionally mattering marketing communications. Get instructions how to beat your competition by improving and sharpening your emotional weaponry. After all, well done marketing communications bring better results in comparison with same money invested in non-appealing communications (a ROI increase!).
  3. Find reasons behind the successes and failures, fix problems easier and know what corporate assets and belongings you need to appreciate.
  4. Get rid of the most demanding and desperate customer segments and build stronger positions in the key ones.
  5. Build real psychological segments rather than artificial and technically complicated cluster based segments.
  6. Sometimes you need to know whether a new product will be a major hit, just a regular go or a disaster.
  7. For the more mature products or services it would be useful to know when they are facing the end of their life cycle.
  8. It is good to know also how appealing your ads are, before you launch them expensively.