New tools challenge the traditional Marketing Researchers

Portrait of handsome businessman in office interior touching his
“So much irrelevant data, huh. We are more mixed up than before the project, could you please simplify this a little?”

The times have changed permanently in the marketing research industry. Digitalisation is taking its tolls by the means of data collection, new analysis tools and web panelling. This has led to a situation where the customers are increasingly executing the marketing research, voice of customer measurement and customer experience assessments all by themselves. Maybe they just love to glimpse those real time dashboards?

The new generation of marketing students in the business schools around the globe take this new situation as a starting point. They are fluent with the new tools and have the ability to produce surveys with a fraction of a cost in comparison with the big player names in the industry.

We at the Mware belong also those challengers that may add some discomfort for the traditional marketing research industry players. The ultimate target of a marketing research final reporting seems to be a fancy Powerpoint presentation (with a magnitude of cross tabulation tables) rather than a detailed tactical advice. Customer will get a massive amount of data and the pricing is often based on volume. Producing less data with better informational value is underrated. It is easy to drop to the fallacy of increased linear data promises.

Classic players have the option to try to downplay the new competition by arguments like: “We are the only to one to have high moral and research ethics” or “Amateur researcher are dangerous”, etcetera. Maybe this is their only option, too.